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Behind the wheels of the world's fastest vehicles, FORMULA ONE is the place superstars are made. With Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton both having won 7 world championships, which one is the best? Who has been the statistically significant greatest Formula One driver in history, while every individual has a personal favorite. 


Lewis Hamilton 


Lewis Hamilton is the greatest Formula one racing driver to have ever driven on a track in terms of career victories and overall career standings. The British driver, who is presently tied with Michael Schumacher for the most world championships after barely losing out on winning a 8 victory in 2021 to Max Verstappen, has won races in nearly each year he has participated in. He has also claimed victories in 30 different nations. With a deal that lasts through the completion of2023, Hamilton currently owns a number of Formula 1 titles and appears to be in position to break even more of them. It might seem a bit early to be honoring Lewis because he is still setting records & winning championships. 


Ayrton Senna 


Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest iconic names in racing, continues to set the bar for unbridled brilliance and personality. Extremely brilliant and fiercely competitive. Senna became a hero because of his unbridled brilliance on a single lap and his capacity to triumph in any circumstance. Senna holds a unique place inside the hearts of several motorsports lovers because of the depth of his dedication to a lap and his never-ending quest for more. His three triumphs provide us a hint of what might have been since he hadn't died during the 1994 San Marino World Championship. The combination of Senna's natural speed and insatiable ambition gave him a significant advantage.


Michael Schumacher


Michael Schumacher quickly comes to mind when thinking about the best Formula 1 drivers. Schumacher was the pinnacle of Formula 1 supremacy before Hamilton became a household name. With seven championships (five of which straight), an almost unfathomable number of victories, and relentless competition, Schumacher transformed the sport. 

He won two championships with Benetton, but Ferrari is where he made his name. He joined the group in1996, and after numerous peaks and troughs in the years that followed, the group finally had success in 2000. Five world championships, 48 victories, and a record book with Michael Schumacher's name in nearly every category came next over the course of the following five years. 


Jim Clark


Throughout his 72 GP appearances, Clark claimed 25 of them, earned 33 pole positions, and still holds several achievements to the present day. For instance, in1963, Clark ended up leading 71 percent of the overall of the laps that were contested. Clark was admired for his exceptional agility behind the wheels and his outstanding mechanical sensibility, in addition to his flexibility. Jim Clark, according to his close friend Sir Jackie Stewart, "was everything I hoped to be, both as a professional driver as well as a person." "Contrary to popular belief, we weren't jet set. I was really a pretentious mechanic from Dumbuck, whereas Jim was just a farmer from the Territorial boundaries. We were not affluent people. 


Juan Manuel Fangio


He claimed five titles in the 1950s, a decade not known for safety. Operating among some of the most absolutely renowned racing vehicles in the game's history, he performed this for 4 different teams—Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Maserati—and came in second twice. Fangio's success rate is still remarkable despite the different circumstances and significantly few contests that were held at the time: 29 pole positions, 48 first row appearances, and 24 wins among 51 championships Grand Prix begins. He won his last championship at the age of 46 in1957, which is a testimonial to his incredible physical toughness. 


Sir Jackie Stewart


Won 3 world championships in a critical phase of Formula One history. After witnessing several rivals die in the cockpit, Stewart set out to ensure its safety. A superbly calculated driver who was equally composed behind the wheel. Jackie Stewart became one of the earliest people to show that even if it can seem like a necessity in Formula One today, drivers can and must strive for greater safety regulations. Stewart had the authority necessary to alter the motorsports culture surrounding safety since he was a three-time champion and a strong figure in the industry. Stewart was a significant innovator in the development of full-face headgear, seatbelt, medical monitoring units, safety barriers, runoff zones, and more after witnessing too many of his coworkers and buddies die while engaging in their favorite activity. 


Fernando Alonso


The Spaniard is an exceptional driver who possesses talent, speed, and brains, thus he ought to win more Formula 1 titles than the two he currently holds. He ought to have been competing with Hamilton for championships, except for bad choices in the teams he chose to compete for. Two-time world championship title winner Fernando Alonso has a profile as a bold, ambitious racer, yet his career may be characterized as much by what didn't happen as by the 2 championships he claimed. Before winning the first of his two successive championships, the Spaniard spent 3 years in F1. He did it by outpacing Kimi Raikkonen by 21 points. Alonso won his second championship the next year with a 13-point advantage over Michael Schumacher, but this was the moment at which his luck would seem to run out. 


Niki Lauda


There is no denying that Niki Lauda was a paid driver when he first entered Formula One, but although money got him started, talent maintained him in the sport. After competing in 3 Formula 1 seasons, Lauda signed with Ferrari for the 1974 race. Lauda concluded the campaign with two victories and fourth place overall despite routinely leading the pace but suffering from terrible luck. The first of Lauda's three world championships and five victories came in1975, but his most well-known year is1976, when he was involved in the tragic Nurburgring accident. 

He recovered from a potentially fatal collision at the Nurburgring to lose the championship to James Hunt by one point. He won his second championship in1977, retired the following year, and then made a comeback in 1982 with McLaren. Before Lauda officially departed at the end of1985, it resulted in a third championship in 1984 following a massive battle with Alain Prost. He demonstrated his brilliance on the track, but he eventually earned a reputation for his financial acumen off it. Although he had executive positions with Ferrari and Jaguar, his work with Mercedes is what made him most famous. Again for 2013 season, he had a key role in luring Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes, and he remained involved with the team up until his death in 2019.


Max Verstappen


The son of legendary Formula 1 racer Jos, Max Verstappen, competed in auto racing for only a year until making his Formula 1 breakthrough. Though he learned how to drive single-seaters in the Floridian Winter Championship, his 2014 European Formula Three season, in which he came third in the competition following Esteban Ocon and Tom Blomqvist, is the highlight of his rookie campaign. 

This one year, in which he won Ten of 32 races, particularly six straight victories, was sufficient to get him promoted to Formula One. His first Formula One season yielded successful outcomes in middle-of-the-pack machines, with 10 points-paying results from Nineteen races, yet it wasn't until his second season that he actually made his F1 debut. 

Verstappen won the Spanish GP right away after being called up to the senior Red Bull squad five races into the 2016 season to replace the troubled Daniil Kvyat. This was made possible by fellow Mercedes colleagues Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton colliding on the first lap. 

By the conclusion of the 2020 season, he had collected nine more victories. It wasn't until the 2021 season, with its revised technical rules, that Red Bull was able to build a car that was really competitive for the world championship. Verstappen and Hamilton fought valiantly for the championship all season long as the Red Bull came significantly closer to the Mercedes vehicle, which had previously been the class of the field. In the last laps of the championship race, Verstappen narrowly defeated the seven-time world champion to win his first championship since karting in 2013.